Translation Services

I am a Polish native speaker fluent in English, and I speak intermediate level Russian. I can translate singular strings for i18n, as well as whole texts of various sizes.


Languages General Technical
PL <> EN 0.08 USD/word 0.09 USD/word
RU <> EN 0.08 USD/word 0.09 USD/word
RU <> PL 0.10 USD/word 0.11 USD/word

General rates apply to texts without much vocabulary pertaining to a specialized field, (such as cryptography, maths, computer science, etc.) unlike technical rates. There might be areas where I don't know the necessary nomenclature; if I'm unable to translate your text, I'll let you know as soon as possible. With that said, I shouldn't have problems with maths, cryptography, computer science, general IT, and to some extent linguistics and finance.

What constitutes word count and what "technical" means is not always obvious; in those cases we can negotiate the exact price.

I accept payment in Monero. (and other low fee cryptocurrencies) You pay right before receiving the translated text. (unless we're using an escrow service) To make an order, contact me using any of the following:

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