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Richard Stallman returns to the Free Software Foundation's board of directors

And the "Open Source community" is unhappy. What happened, you ask? Well, RMS is controversial and many people don't like him. Not long after Stallman's return an open letter was written, addressed to the FSF. Signed by? Prominent people in the FOSS world — GNOME developers, Debian Project leaders, OSI leaders (to no one's surprise), and many more. Additionally, organizations including GNOME Foundation, Mozilla, the Tor Project, and the Foundation. So a hefty bunch of high-profile people and institutions. In response to that, a support letter was created. This one emphasizes the fact that everyone has the right to their own opinions — a doctrine, it seems, unknown to some.

I stand in support of Stallman staying a member of the board of directors. However I disagree with him on many issues, he's still a person of significance to the Free Software movement. He has made inflammatoy statements on various topics, but that does not nullify his importance entirely. Do read said support letter to best understand my viewpoint.

What I wanted to focus on though was the fact that so many recognizable people signed the letter essentially waning to cancel RMS. Read the list. Then read the list on the support letter. Oh wait, there's none. How come? What I can see is this: the people at the top of big free software projects are disproportionately far-leftist. I believe that's the root cause of this. It is also what brought us diversity politics and cringeworthy codes of conduct like the Contributor Covenant.

But this time the based people can have a voice, and I urge you to use it. The letter in support for RMS has so far better reception among non-delusional people, and that's what matters. While the retarded far-leftists keep talking about the Open Source "community", I am once again proud of the Free Software movement.

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