Opinionated list of B A S E D things.

Debian GNU/Linux

  • one of the oldest distros
  • apt is a based package manager
  • >60,000 packages in its repos
  • can be a rolling release distro if you want to

C Programming Language

  • everything runs C
  • simple yet powerful

Julia Programming Language

  • Python, but compiled and better syntax


Internet communication protocol

  • federated
  • optional end-to-end encryption
  • text, audio and video chat


Monero means money – the based crypto

  • untraceable
  • truly private
  • ASIC-resistant – mined using CPUs
  • forever low fees (cents!)

Siberian Huskies

  • the cutest, most badass, and cuddliest doggos on the planet
  • keep you fit


C terminal user interface and terminal graphics library. Know ncurses? This will blow you away.

  • terminal-aware (through terminfo)
  • full RGB support, mapped down if needed
  • full unicode support (correct glyph widths)
  • flexible ncplane interface
  • built-in set of basic widgets
  • optionally integrated with FFmpeg/OIIO
  • support for sixel (images on the terminal) and some terminal-specific pixel protocols
  • Rust and C++ bindings
  • probably more than I know of

This guy

Wojciech Kosior managed to overcome the abundance of proprietary software required by his university, and defend his thesis. I, and nearly everyone, am suffering from the same unethicacy at my online classes in high school. His story is motivating to say the least.


Single-header object-oriented programming library for C.


It's a lisp dialect that compiles to Lua. The compiler is written in Lua too, and you can use it anywhere where Lua is used. I never liked Lua's syntax, so this is lovely.