What Description Links
C Programming Language The programming language that runs the world
C++ Reference Online (and offline), detailed reference for C and C++ website
Crow C++ web microframework website
Debian GNU/Linux distro website
Siberian Huskies The cutest, most badass, and cuddliest doggos on the planet
Invisible Internet Protocol (i2p) Anonymizing network for TCP and UDP website, my article, i2pd
Inkscape FOSS vector image editor website
Julia Dynamic just-in-time compiled programming language website,
Lichess Free and open source chess website website, me
GNU LilyPond TeX-like language for setting sheet music website
Matrix Federated internet communication protocol website
MessagePack Binary data representation format website
Monero Truly trustless, anonymous, and private cryptocurrency website
Music Player Daemon Daemon for playing music from your local machine website
Notcurses C terminal user interface and terminal graphics library github
Orca Esoteric language for creating music website, intro/tutorial
VS Codium Visual Studio Code binaries built without spyware and telemetry website


Who Description Links
cloud11665 Irl friend or mine website
Nick Black Author of Notcurses, among other things website
TFKls Irl friend of mine website


I mainly listen to 90's and 00's Polish rap (not trap, mind you), but I try not to limit myself to just one genre. I love music CDs – the difference between YouTube/Spotify and a FLAC ripped off a CD is something you can't quite point out, but they're just incomparable.

Artists: Abradab, adm:t, Ascetoholix, Baba Brinkman, Blank, Bobson, Buka, Burla, Deep Solo, DeepXBobson, Doniu, Eminem, Fokus, Gadabit, Grammatik, Greydon Square, Grubson, Hans Solo, JGun, Kaczor, Kaliber 44, Kleszcz, Kopruch, Kozak System, L.U.C., Łona i Webber, MC Silk, Miuosh, Molesta Ewenement, Mroku, Numer Raz, O.S.T.R., Oxxxymiron, Paktofonika, Paweł Koszałka, Pięć Dwa, Ponomariovv, Proceente, Rafi, Rahim, Skofka, Skor, Sting, Te-Tris, Travinskiy, Trzeci Wymiar, Yarmak, Wice Wersa, Wu-Tang Clan, Довгий Пес, Гоня, Кашляючий Ед, Паліндром, ХАС, Ядерна Могила.